RoboCorns Qualify for 2023 World Championship

FTC Team 14423, the RoboCorns, participates in FIRST Tech Challenge at Downingtown Area Robotics. For the 2022-23 season, we have been working on the PowerPlay challenge. Because of our performance this season, we earned an invitation to the 2023 FIRST World Championships to be held in Houston, Texas! It is a special honor to participate…

Our team is made up of 9 members who have been together for 7+ years!

We started in FIRST LEGO League in 2016 and attended the World Festival two years in a row. We are now a fifth year FIRST Tech Challenge Team.

We are one of six FTC teams that are part of Downingtown Area Robotics (DAR), a volunteer-run non-profit organization whose mission is to bring STEM education to kids K-12 through robotics. We meet in the Exton Square Mall.

Rover Ruckus (2018-19)

2018 Eastern PA Qualifier

This was an amazing event for us. It was our first official qualifying tournament. Not only did we finish qualifying matches undefeated in first place, we went on to be the Winning Alliance Captain and punched our ticket to the PA State Championships in March 2019!

Our efforts leading up to this event was to practice, practice, practice! We decided to not add any more functionality to our robot and instead concentrate on getting a consistent autonomous and endgame since those were where the most points were.

Thanks to our alliance partners, Team 4174, Atomic Theory and Team 14842, our Downingtown Area Robotics teammates, Spygears!